Blogging Newbies!

As you can probably tell, blogging is new to me, and also a new feature of our website. We hope to keep our blog page full of interesting topics you would expect of a dog walker and pet sitter, and would love customer feedback on what they'd like to see on this page! If you have any ideas for blog posts, please get in touch on the "Contact Us" page.

New posts you should expect to see over the coming weeks will be dog walking tips, a Halloween special (obviously including some fancy dress... watch out Thunder Blackie...), local dog walk features and reviews on doggy products and local places you can take your dog.

So our pet sitting crew aren't left out, we will be sure to cover some blog posts of the kitty and hen kind too!

Please come back to see our new blog posts as we make progress with this feature :)

If I'm honest, I'm just counting down the days until it's acceptable to post Christmas content...

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