Puppy Visits

We all love puppies (and all dogs - let's be honest!), but getting a puppy is a huge commitment and one which is difficult for people who are out of the house for long periods of the day. 

When you're desperate for a new addition to the family, we can offer an alternative to leaving your job! 

We are able to provide puppy visits whilst you're out at work, where we will spend time with your puppy, let them in to the garden for toilet trips, clean up any messes, feed and water them and most importantly, fuss and play with them! 

Once your puppy has had their vaccinations, we can support with socialising your pup, and eventually work up to them joining one of our dog walks if this would be of interest.

Each puppy is different and we get to know their own personalities and likes and dislikes. We can reinforce your training, and will create a puppy diary so you have a book filled of photos and memories to treasure when your baby is all grown up! 

Puppy Price List

Puppy Price List

One daily visit - £10

Two daily visits - £16

Evening/weekend puppy sitting available - please contact for prices

Puppy Package!

Our puppy packages provide a more cost effective service if you are requiring longer term care for your puppy. A puppy package can be over 25% cheaper than individual services!

Tailored to your needs, we would build up a package together to provide all the care you require from the day your furbaby arrives home (or the first day you are back at work),  to the day they are ready to join our normal walks. 

Packages tend to cover:

  • Free consultation before your puppy has arrived home.

  • Free visit once your puppy has arrived home to begin building a relationship and make sure the puppy package still fits.

  • Initial daily visits (as many as you require daily at a reduced rate)

  • Puppy sitting as required.

  • Puppy socialisation once vaccinated.

  • Shorter, individual walks as your puppy gets used to going out and about. A daily individual walk and a puppy visit. 

  • When your puppy is ready, he can join our regular group walks!

Please contact us if you would like us to provide a quote for a package for you and your new addition!

Designed for dogs that don't require a daily walk, we offer comfort visits to break the day up for your pet. 

We let your dog out in to the garden for the toilet, feed/water your dog as required and then offer some cuddles and play time.

If required, we can take your dog for a short 15 minute walk to stretch their legs.

Dog Comfort Visits

One daily visit - £7.50

Two daily visits - £12

Three daily visits - £16

Dog Visit Price List

Areas covered include: Adel, Bramhope, Carlton, Cookridge, Eccup, Horsforth, Ireland Wood, Lawnswood, Rawdon, Tinshill, Yeadon, West Park and Weetwood