Group Dog Walks

Are you wanting to give your pooch stimulation and socialisation whilst you're out at work or busy with other commitments?

Do you need some support in providing your dog with the amount of exercise he needs?

Do you love the idea of knowing your pooch is out having lots of fun and returning to a happy dog?

Is it important that you have regular updates on your pooch and have full visibility of their walks?

You (and your furbaby!) need our Group Dog Walks!

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Our dog walks are designed to ensure your dog gets mental stimulation and interaction as well as lots of exercise! Regular walks are very important for your dog's physical and mental well being, but it can be tricky to fit a long dog walk in every day when life gets in the way.


Not only do regular walks help your pet when it comes to health and weight maintenance, they can break up the day whilst you're at work and reduce destructive behaviour your dog may have previously demonstrated. A healthy dog is a happy dog! 

If you're looking to improve your dog's day when you're away, let them join us on an adventure!

We will take your dog to a range of local popular spots and get to know their favourite places. Our regular walks include, but are not exclusive to: Adel Woods, Bramley Falls Park, Eccup Reservoir, Golden Acre Park, Horsforth Park and Woods, Otley Chevin and Yeadon Dam. Our routes are designed to offer a safe range of spots for your dog to frolic and play!

We also have the added benefit of our own private land to take dogs for a safe run around (those we have permission to take off the lead of course!) and some group games! 

Not just any dog walk...




dog walker horsforth cookridge adel bramhope
dog walker horsforth cookridge adel bramhope
dog walker horsforth cookridge adel bramhope
Regular updates

We make sure you are kept up to date on what we've been up to with your dog! We agree how often you'd like to be sent updates on your dog's walks (some owners like every day updates, others once a week!) and can even keep a doggy diary if you would like this! We also put photos on facebook of the dogs having fun, so you can follow their journey!

Carefully selected groups

We carefully select our groups to ensure that all of our dogs have a great time on our walks full of fun and play. We find our carefully managed group sizes result in lots of fun doggy play time as well as allowing us to have full control over our pack. Fun, safe, secure.

Tailored to your furbaby

We believe it is very important to take the time to get to know each dog in the early days of them joining our walks. By only taking on a limited number of new dogs at any time, and walking in pairs, we are able to give each dog one to one time and get to know their likes/dislikes.


Whilst we ask lots of questions and do a quick assessment on the consultation, it's on the walk we get to really know your dog and will tailor our service to ensure they have the best time with us. Happy dogs make us happy!


Safe, designed transport

We transport your dogs in a fitted out car - we preferred this option to a van as it allows the dogs to be in the same space as us so we can monitor the temperature and check on them at all times. The car has been fitted out with safety and comfort in mind! The vehicle is air conditioned and alarmed.


We recommend that you ALWAYS ask a dog walker how they transport your dog and how they let them out at the walking spot...

Flexible and reliable service

We understand that your plans may change. We charge no cancellation fee if you cancel your day's dog walk before 9am. We can also respond to last minute walk requests if your plans change and you're unexpectedly away from home.

How does it work?

Once you have decided that you'd like your dog walked, we would organise a free consultation at a time that suits you so that we can get to know eachother and I can meet your dog. This is a great chance to ask any questions and fill out relevant paperwork. We would require a key cutting and this will be stored in a safe, locked cabinet with no identifiable information.

Your dog would then be walked at the times and days arranged. We can send you lots of photos of your dog out and about enjoying their walks, so you know what we have been up to.

They will be returned to your home clean and dry, and ready for a sleep! 

Our dogs love our walks, and we love walking them! We want you to be fully happy with our service, and so we are able to tailor our services to suit you and your dog - anything you want, just ask!

dog walker horsforth cookridge adel bramhope
dog walker horsforth cookridge adel bramhope

1 hour group walk - £12 per walk

Pick up/drop off time is free, so your dog will be out of the house for approximately 1.5-2 hours.

1 hour group walk - additional dog from same household - £7 per walk

Bespoke walks for dog owners of 2+ dogs on request - please get in touch to discuss.B


dog walker horsforth cookridge adel bramhope