National Black Dog Day 2016 - Hello Thunder Blackie!

As yesterday was National Black Dog Day, I felt it was a good excuse to get our Pooches Unleashed Mascot and main man Thunder Blackie mentioned as much as possible.

Blackie is after all, the main reason Pooches Unleashed was founded.

National Black Dog Day exists because it is a sad fact that black dogs struggle to find new homes. In rescue centres, it usually takes black dogs much longer to find their forever home than their brindle or chocolate friends.

Many people associate black cats AND dogs with bad luck. Well I have been the proud owner of both and they've both only made my life better.

As a dog walker, I naturally love all dogs and hate any stereotypes applied to them simply because of their breed, size or colour. It surprises me the number of people who do 'judge a book by its cover' and I hope that eventually we can educate people to look at animals as individuals, not as a "type" or stereotype.

If you are considering adding a new family member, please don't rule out black dogs simply because of their colour. Give a black dog ca chance to enrich your life and you won't look back.

#NationalBlackDogDay #DogWalker

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